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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Nowadays, digital marketing has become an indispensable tool for practically all businesses. It is the best way to promote your business as well as generate buzz around your brand. You simply cannot do without it.

Of course, as you may well know, there are a number of ways to do it. There are many different strategies available to you and your business. However, choosing which is most appropriate for your needs is the vital question.

Digital Marketing Strategies

  • Search Engine Optimization – This entails overseeing your site in such a way to improve its rankings in search engine results.
  • Email Marketing – This entails regularly sending emails and updates to email addresses on your list to continuously promote your site. The most important thing is building that list to reach a significant number of people
  • Content Marketing – Regularly producing content that is both relevant and informative to establish your business credibility and brand dominance.
  • Social Media Promotions – This entails maximizing the potential of social media platforms by expanding your customer base and reaching new customer.

This article presents a few digital marketing strategies that you can do to promote your brand online.

Ergonomic Equipment for the Office – What You Need to Know

Ergonomic Equipment for the Office – What You Need to Know

Ergonomic is about fitting task and equipment to user. Ergonomic equipment is designed for work and environment in such a way as to improve health, safety and comfort.

There should be comfortable equipment in workplaces so that employees can work efficiently without hampering their health. Proper ergonomics in the office can increase worker productivity and efficiency.

Some of the ergonomic equipment for workplaces are chairs, keyboard trays, monitors, monitor arms, foot rests etc.


A good chair gives you comfortable back support where you can work efficiently and have a parallel vision to your monitorscreen. People spend most of the time in the office, so a good chair is very important to not to let feel the work strenuous. It also gives a correct posture while working.

Keyboard trays

ergonomic desk setupThe keyboard trays helps the elbows and wrists to be in a equal position when a person is typing. This prevents numbness and wrist pain. It also prevents shoulder strain, as we tend to bend a bit while typing.

Ergonomic Mouse

The next thing you should concern yourself with is the computer mouse.  Originally designed without any comfort in mind, the new “vertical” designs of the high quality ergonomic mouse are much better at relieving pressure off the forearm and wrist.

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The monitor should be at eye level or slightly below, at a comfortable angle from the monitor itself and other sources of bright light. The rays which come from the screen gives strain to the eyes, so the monitor should be at a distance where it does not hamper the eyes.

Monitor arms

Using a proper monitor arm provides space saving benefits that can increase the productivity and efficiency of users, especially those employees who works in smaller workplaces. The screens could be adjusted according to the vision.

Foot rest

Sitting on a chair without proper support can cause a poor circulation, back discomfort and overall fatigue. A foot rest can help adopt the correct posture and thereby ensure good thigh circulation. It also helps to prevent blood clots related to deep veins and relives pressure which happens on the lower back, decreases swelling and varicose veins. It also encourage active sitting and work well with and adjustable desk.

Best Principles

The basic principles which a writer or office worker needs to follow while writing is that there should be proper alignment of posture. A proper chair, the writing posture, typing hands, etc. There is not much difference for a writer and an employee in workplace. Both needs to write and should have a comfortable environment around. As discussed above there should be proper back support, proper resting chair. All of these helps to increase the zeal to write properly. An uncomfortable environment and equipment brings frustration in a person. It causes health issue, eye sight problem. A writer should have a pencil grip if he is writing on a paper, it brings a flow and also improves the writing.

To summarize the article, ergonomic is a science of designing a working environment more comfortable, so that people can concentrate in their jobs. It reduces the health issue and increases the productivity of a worker, which in turns help the organisation to grow. An improper environment prevents the workflow which also increases the tension, frustration and discomfort among the people in the workplace.

Spread the seeds let them turn into tall trees! – Market Your Tree Services Online

Spread the seeds let them turn into tall trees! – Market Your Tree Services Online

So, how to promote your online marketing tree service using the present-day gadgets and tools? If you have got the passion for bringing wellness everywhere, that would do. Come! let us discuss six sizzling saviors you already know but haven’t implemented yet in your business.

  • Millenials best friend – Google

Get going with a fresh Google account. And, if you have one of itself, then make the best of it. It will be excellent if you could examine and find out the local listings for the Tree service business you are into with happiness. Never think of marketing these days without a solid YouTube channel. Don’t forget to create your own Google Analytic’s account. A web designer can fix the necessary code into your website.

  • Beautiful Videos of Your Handywork
Man perforing tree removal

Videos and images of your work can help spread awareness as well as generate empathy from your potential customer base. Source: TreeremovalDenver.net.

Regularly post videos in the YouTube account of yours and use video marketing to promote the latest inclusions. So, pack your DSLRs and learn some editing to surprise a whole lot of people. And, your SEO friendly titles along with brief, sometimes elaborate descriptions will make the video go “viral”.  We don’t need 1 million views, just some active shares on Facebook/etc will get your company much more exposure. Add in your website’s link in the explanation area, as well as branding and contact info in the video itself.

  • SEO Review of the Website

Spend some time reviewing the website for SEO ranking factors. There are many good guides out there, or you can hire an SEO consultant to do an audit for you.  Starting from perfect Meta Titles, Description, and Alt Tags related to pictures, everything is important. And, eliminate the probabilities of a Flash-powered website.

  • Let your company information flow…

Use websites that spread the pride of your company for free of cost. To name a few, BBB, Manta, Yelp, and Google can do this without charging you. In order to get along with local listings, use their free account and do it effortlessly. Tell whatever you want to and add immense positive information about your hardcore business.

  • Socialize to gain more Traction

Make use of the numerous social media platforms to promote your business in a healthy way. If you want to be super confident with your business, hit those socializing buttons for massive momentum within your industry. Get pro-active and if you are looking to help your customer with a tree removal program, show them how you do it. The location of the service performed, type of the job, technologies used, time requirement, everything is easy with a single tweet.

Platforms like Facebook comes handy here for a great post involving a little description of the whole task and a lot of captivating pictures. If you want to project your business, even more, make use of Google+ and connect with commitment.

  • Email marketing, the best best for business…

Have you ever thought why major e-commerce companies are tremendously successful? It is simply because of their follow-up emails, newsletters, and promotional emails with ultimate information of their product. How it would be if you could deliver a strong email that explains about the signs of a good tree service along company with your company’s information in beautiful fonts and trustworthy pictures. Enforce a personalized attack on your prospects, customers, and newbies using email marketing tools to make them think about hiring you before your next email.

Local Service Marketing – Succeeding on the Web in Small and Large Markets

Local Service Marketing – Succeeding on the Web in Small and Large Markets

So many are vying for a position on the Internet that will earn them a side income, get their small business up and running, or expand their already flourishing business into a more elevated position. There is advice coming from all directions for those looking to succeed, but how can you condense all this information into one understandable, compact module?

We have done the legwork and want to share with you the most basic facts you need to know to have a successful business.

Find and Remain in Your Niche

Great or small, your business needs to find and latch on to its identity by what e-commerce calls “finding your niche.” But what does that mean? Concisely put, it means:

  • Concentrate on one small area.
  • Give customers an extensive selection of things in that domain.
  • Solve your customers’ “problems.”
  • Even if your types of products and your inventory grow, stay in your niche.

Furthermore there are plenty of marketing companies that focus solely in a few niches.  This can be much more effective then a general marketing company that serve many niches, because they will know the “ins and outs” of a sector more natively, with less of an adjustment period.  There are companies that soley do SEO for roofing contractors, or PPC for personal injury lawers, or lead generation for tree services. You get the idea.

Design Your Online Presence Well

  • Make it as simple as you possibly can.
  • Make your load times fast.
  • Stick to:
    • what the product is
    • how much it costs
    • how customers can return items
    • who makes up the company
    • adding a privacy statement to which you adhere
  • Keep content fresh.
  • Learn how to drive quality traffic.
  • Select, write, and manage a comprehensive marketing plan
  • Partner with other companies
  • Use Google Analytics

Follow Your Passion

It’s been said so often that people are beginning to call it cliche’, but if you are not excited about your online venture, the results just will not occur.

  • Ask if you are excited about logging on to your store.
  • Ask yourself why you want to have a business online.
  • make things interesting for yourself. Be creative.
  • Have an action plan. Yes, you do need one.
  • If you want this and time for doing this is an issue, stop doing something else, like watching TV.

Customer Satisfaction

In e-commerce, as in mortar and brick businesses, the customer comes first. Do not forget to:

  • Respond quickly to any customer communication. Remember, the customer is always right.
  • Go overboard in offering more bang for their buck.
  • Follow through on everything you promise a customer.
  • Encourage your customers to leave comments.
  • Consider a discussion board for your site.
  • Add Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin buttons to your site.
  • Add a “Follow” widget to your site.
  • Offer excellent content.
  • Build a quality mailing list.
  • Treat your customers in the same way you would treat them in a brick and mortar store if you had one.

Keeping it Real

How can you check-in with yourself occasionally to see if you are on track?

  • Google Analytics is always informative.
  • Go to your site and pretend to be a customer. What would you change? What would you add? What would you eliminate?
  • Ask your friends to give you honest feedback about your business.
  • Ask someone else who has a successful online business to critique your site.

Starting an online business, large or small, is an exciting venture. If you are patient, diligent, persistent, and motivated, you can make a living, be your own boss, and enjoy yourself. Good luck!

Marketing Training Program – Worth it?

Marketing Training Program – Worth it?

If you are interested in marketing training program and you consider yourself not having a sound knowledge on marketing, then it is recommended that you should join marketing training program. Making money through marketing is quite easy task for you to do; all you need is to follow the following facts.

It doesn’t matter what business technique that you will use but without having a relevant knowledge on marketing, it is very difficult to succeed on all opportunities that might come on your way. A good training program will teach you on how and why to apply the marketing tools and techniques in order for you to win the customer’s minds.

Education is Generally Always a Good Thing

Marketing training program will educate you on vital steps in marketing such as selection of products interest. It does not mean that you should choose your preferred product choice but that of customers’ choice, because for you to generate more sales, this is very important. Marketing training program will allow you to learn the most important methods that are required for selection of products. If you want to market your products online, you need to choose marketing programs that allows you to feature products of interests to readers and how to do it, the training will help you.

Finding a good marketing training program should be your top priority when it comes to searching for all possible sources of training. You can simply do it through search engines, forums or even through discussion on board. You also need to note the importance of reviewing and feedback for services offered, education material made available to you, price to be paid for training and customer support.

After selecting the best training program, you will find out that you will have no worry about its reliability and legitimacy you should evaluate, compare and analyze each program in depth. This will ensure that you get the best solution for your money making needs. By attending the right source, you will launch your business to the right direction and take it to a higher level.

Platforms for Business Leads Besides Google Adwords

Platforms for Business Leads Besides Google Adwords

When it comes to marketing in the world of business, Google AdWords is known to be the most widely used PPC (Pay per click) network, which has also been in the game for well over 10 years now .The secret behind this, that has made people settle down with Google AdWords instead of even making an attempt to try out the number of other PPC networks which are currently available are factors such as, Google AdWords having a large number of sites on their Google Display Network (GDN) as well having a huge amount of searches which makes it stand above of everything else.

Well Google AdWords is an Amazing platform when it comes to advertising and has plenty of opportunities within it for us to improve our businesses, but probably due to its popularity with the wide use many of us very often forget to ask the ourselves the key question as to “Is Google AdWords the most suited platform to promote OUR business?”. If you haven’t really thought about it ever here’s a few reasons as to why you might want to consider thinking about it.

Reasons to Avoid Adwords

The High Cost: – With the rapid increase of use and the increasing competition day by day the cost of advertising using google AdWords has started to increase more and more. Considering this if you actually reflect back and see you might find that you are not getting the maximum possible amount of output for the value you are spending. If so it would certainly be advisable to explore other platforms other than Google AdWords which might work for you better.

Not getting enough traffic: – If you are new to this, then it is pretty natural for you to not get enough traffic for a number of reasons such as not using the right keywords, not organizing your keywords in a good way and focusing only on positive keywords etc. as you won’t be having a big experience of using google AdWords.

Traffic not being converted: – This is a problem that most of the users face very often no matter how experienced you might be in using Google AdWords. Even though traffic and clicks are received it might not be converted as much as we would like it to be.

Due to many reasons as the ones stated above we have narrowed and listed down 10 other advertising platforms just as Google AdWords but which may work better for you leading you towards a better harvest. By reading this article you will be able to get a comprehensive idea about the other platforms which are available for you to get bet a better experience.

The Best Non-Adwords Platforms for Business Leads


What else would come up to our minds when speaking of social media other than of course the king of social media itself; Facebook which claims to have about 1.86 billion active users as of March 2017.If you intend to target customers who spend a considerable amount of time using social media, Facebook will definitely be a great platform for you to go with.

Bing Ads

Just as Google has Google AdWords, Bing Ads is by Microsoft which is not very commonly used when compared with Google AdWords, Facebook etc. but is certainly a great platform worth to give a try to promote your product.


Adroll is yet another great advertising platform also being one of the leading top third party tools and accepted by Facebook in order to provide access to FBX.


AdBlade is a premium platform in advertising which is consisting of about 200 Million users worldwide.

Yahoo Gemini

Yahoo Gemini is not very common but uses a range of different advertisement types targeting users across platforms. Yahoo Gemini is ideal if you are looking to promote a certain brand or a mobile application etc.

The Bacon

The Bacon is a new platform targeted towards home services and skilled workers that are looking to get more business.  It’s a useful service for homeowners who are looking for specific services, like carpentry or electricians.


Twitter is yet another strong platform by which you can reach out to billions of users all over. Just as Facebook you can attract customers towards you in a number of different ways such as using highly promoted tweets etc.


If you are an online businessman you can use amazon to attract customers towards your products by using sponsored shopping advertisements.

As you can see there are a number of alternatives for Google AdWords in which each of those alternatives to have key features unique for them. By attracting a larger audience towards your products, you can increase your income and find your way towards a better revenue and much successful life.

Impact of Growth Driven Design on E-Commerce and Web-Based Businesses

Impact of Growth Driven Design on E-Commerce and Web-Based Businesses

Over a period while running a web based or e-commerce business, it becomes absolutely mandatory to redesign the website. This might be for many reasons like shift in user persona, shifts in viewers’ platforms, arrival of new technology, mergers and what not! The very mention of a website redesign gives you nightmares! You get the vision of the next few months, schedule packed with site-redesign planning, proposals, changes in design and other utterly time grossing things.

Marketing department who need the site for their existence takes on a hard blow. They need to shift their focus from the business goals for a quarter and focus only on design issues and onsite requirements. Marketing team off focus for such long time? Just cannot happen!

This is where Growth Driven Design (GDD) flies in with the red cape to save the day!

The Genius of GDD

GDD is an ingenious fusion or let’s just say a marriage between site designing and marketing! It is a smarter approach towards website redesigning by minimizing the obvious headaches of traditional redesigning process as it shortens the time of processing a new one and launch it by focusing on the impacts on the website user behaviour and keeps improving user experience as a part of continues learning. Here is where you learn the impact of growth driven design on e-commerce and web-based businesses.

Impact of Growth Driven Design on E-Commerce

Conversion rate optimizationIf “change is the only constant” can be applied to anything online, it is e-commerce. The target audience grow and change frequently and the website needs to be consistently fresh with relevant and educational content that immaculate to the visitor.

One needs to make sure that their planning towards an e-commerce website is S.M.A.R.T viz, Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time bound. You then must develop customer or buyer personas which will help you classify your visitors, their behaviour and preferences.

The goal is to understand the customer’s preference and displaying engrossing content accordingly. With regular customer feedback pouring in and tracking your progress, you will know who your customers are, what do they want and where you stand in terms of providing them right user interface for the perfect experience. Building a strong relationship with this statistic and share them where the info is accessible for everyone. With such information at hand, one can optimize their e-commerce website to suit the wants of the visitors.

Impact on Web-Based Businesses

One striking impact if growth driven design on web-based businesses and online service providers is the increase of traffic on the website and increased visibility of the business. One needs to optimize the website well enough with Search Engine Optimization strategies. The organic search traffic is bound to go up after applying growth driven website design. There lies a clear correlation between the SEO strategy and growth driven design for the increase in traffic in a website. Same as e-commerce, the digital marketers need to develop a customer persona database classifying the types of visitors and what they want to see. GDD installed sites use hyper user focused which is exactly google wants from you! One needs to understand that more traffic means more data to analyse and more optimization of the website.


Succeeding in Business Off-Line: Market Fundamentals

Succeeding in Business Off-Line: Market Fundamentals

The past decade has seen the world of business receive a complete makeover. Like most other things in the world (these include studying, socializing, playing etc.) businesses have also turned online. The scenario has particularly changed for small and medium-sized businesses. The majority of these businesses have prominent online presence in form of social media pages, blogs, forums, and websites and those are the places where they meet their clients. Does that mean that the time of offline business or non-internet business has come to an end? The answer is “No”. There are certain businesses that can still do well without online presence. Read on to know about them.

Real Estate

Home Sold SignSuppose, a person plans to buy a real estate property; this mostly happens when the person looking to buy the property wants to invest a hefty sum of money. This calls for serious inspection before actually finalizing a deal. Of course, all top realtors are represented by eye-catching, content-rich websites, but those sites only assist them in attracting customers towards their offerings and informing people about the reputation they enjoy. The main part of their business still runs offline. Once a client shortlists the property he or she find most lucrative, you will need to arrange site visits. On the date of the visit, you will have to accompany the person and allow him or to inspect the property meticulously. All these cannot be done online. So, if you run a non-internet real estate business, you will not lose much for not having any online presence.

Getting Capital Together

One of the game changers of the Internet boom was the removal of gatekeepers and barriers of entry to many markets.  Albeit, there still requires significant investment for many endeavors, but with domain names costing less than 10 bucks and hosting coming in at 5 dollars a month in some places, having some creativity and initiative can get someone started for very little money.

This isn’t the case, necessarily, with offline, brick-and-mortar businesses.  Because you likely need to pay rent or buy inventory before you can begin business, you need a large amount of capital upfront.  You can handle his with financing, of course, but this requires a good credit rating (by the way, read this guy on how to boost your credit score by aaacreditguide.com, it helped the owner of this business when we faced similar issues).

Offline Advertising and Marketing

The only thing you will need to do for making the business successful is coming up with marketing plans that can be executed without the Internet. That job is not that difficult as we already know how to market a business without the Internet. Internet marketing is a thing that has touched out lives only a couple of decades back; before that we used to rely only on methods like television advertisement, ads published on magazines, banners, leaflets, billboards etc. Obviously, you should pick the option that would match your budget. These methods are still extremely effective; as a result, a large number of businesses with online presence still use these traditional methods of marketing. You should actually do pretty well even if you just stick to these methods.

Auto Dealerships – Still Old School, for Now…

Another business that would achieve great success without any online presence is that of an automobile dealership. You might be looking to buy a new car or have a budget big enough only for purchasing a used car; one step that must be a part of the process is a thorough inspection and that can never be done online. In fact, inspection is the most important step of the car buying process. The things that potential car buyers can do online, for instance, comparing colors, checking the interior and exterior design of the shortlisted vehicles (zooming in and out), gathering knowledge about specifications of the cars, etc. can also be done offline.

Prepping Your Business for Growth in the New Digital Ecosystem

Prepping Your Business for Growth in the New Digital Ecosystem

In media and technology everything is changing with increasing speed and complexity, and in order to stay competitive, companies have to look forward in a way that harnesses a new paradigm of digital technology and the overall digital ecosystem.  Examples like AirBnB and Uber are the first of many disrupters, the “canary in the coalmine” of what is to come in the new technological age.

What is the Digital Ecosystem?

The “digital ecosystem” is a subset of the technology and media companies specialized in content creation (i.e. via websites, social media, etc), development of software and software applications (i.e. mobile apps, etc). These companies provide a platform for creating, distributing and consuming apps, content and services.

All these companies comprise an ecosystem together because of their collective impact on a wide range of customers. For instance, Uber is likely the best example of a company which utilized digital technology to completely disrupt a decidedly “offline” business, the taxi cab industry.

These types of trends of disruption are forcing companies to look at the future with an eye towards undoing the current environment. For this reason, for forward looking executives is critical to understand the digital ecosystem and its trends. A company can differentiate through the way it uses the new technology, or innovative uses of existing technology.

This handy graphic below shows a layout of the current ecosystem as it exists today:

Viewpoint of Business Owners

Business owners are excited by the unlimited potential opened by internet growth in the new digital ecosystem. They recognize its multiple benefits, such as increased efficiency and stronger customer orientation, both aspects being vital in an era of budget constraints. However, the usage of digital technology requires leadership and vision in order to drive digital transformation and prepare for the new digital era.

Utilizing consulting firms can also be a way to give fresh perspective on growth potential.  Companies like our own (RR Manchester) have been handling the digital growth of varieties of companies for years.  By creating the digital transformation’s building blocks, you should approach this challenge holistically. You will need first a business strategy adapted to the new digital ecosystem. This requires assessing the way internet growth and digitization fits with your business ambitions and the impact on your industry.

Identify Growth Areas

You also need to identify your business’ areas where digitization and internet can help the most, and how. You also need to ensure developing some digital skills across your company and especially in the IT department, in case that your organization has one. You have to openly embrace innovation, reaping benefits from various government initiatives and learning from international players. As opposed to spending more, you also should invest in technology more wisely, mitigating risk.

These steps can bring your business up to speed in the new digital ecosystem and even enable you to become global leaders. The internet growth harnesses the power of technology to inspire trust, re-image the customer experience, solve problems, reinvent business models and accelerate change. When competing in today’s industries, going digital has become a key differentiation for companies.

How Can We Benefit?

The new digital ecosystem can bring multiple benefits for companies. By selling existing products through digital channels or adding digital services and products to their portfolio, it can allow them to grow their business. It can also enable them becoming more efficient in their decision making and their operations.

Establishing a digital ecosystem is the next stage for companies that have already started their digital journeys. Working within a digital ecosystem will help these organizations to improve their performance and to interact with those outside the company.

Value is driven by the digital ecosystem along three tracks: rationalizing cost structure, creating new revenue sources, and increasing the speed of technology adoption. Of course, for any business aiming to take maximum advantage of the new digital ecosystem’s benefits, it’s important to take the necessary steps to prevent data leakage. Open communication and clear boundaries with partners are crucial.


Business Meets Pleasure – Traveling Across the UK for Business Development

Business Meets Pleasure – Traveling Across the UK for Business Development

Holding events or business meetings in the posh conference rooms in London or popular cities of UK is a symbol of glory in the modern day corporate dealings. These days, corporate companies often organize their annual meetings and events in spectacular locations. s They can have the pleasure to travel to different scenic locations in UK and at the same time crack the business deals. Moreover, global companies often have their trading partners and their business branches and staff, all over the world. Traveling allows them to have a face-to-face conversation with the delegates and take business decisions efficiently.

Face-to-Face is Better than Virtual

Although video conference and digital communications have become an ardent part of modern day business, but there’s no replacement for building personal relationships. The team building activities with the good old-fashioned handshake can indulge the essence of warmth and love in corporate professionals. The popular cities of UK are best to conduct business meetings and conferences. Moreover, the business professionals get the chance to explore the picturesque destinations during their official stay.

motorhome for roadtrips

The Motorhome we used on our last road trip…

Apart from the business dealings, there are plenty of fun things to do in London and other popular cities. On our last trip around the isle we rented a motorhome from UK campervan rental website MotorhomeFreedom.com and packed lots of food, beverages and a few laptops and hit the road.  Aside from being the business and financial hub, the popular cities of UK are also paradise for foodies, culture-lovers, and shoppers. Whether you are on your first business trip, you should be well aware of the popular travel destinations so that you can spend some good times with your co-workers and new friends.

Planning Your Business Trip for Ideal Fun

Most of the working professionals enjoy traveling a lot, as they get the opportunity to explore a new place. Being away from the office allows them to get a change from the same monotonous routine and they feel relaxed.

Here are some crucial tips that can help you get indulged in traveling across the UK for Business Development:

  • Make proper planning for both your work and leisure time – When you visit a foreign country for business development assignments, make sure to do proper travel planning as well. After attending the day long meting, you can spend you off times visiting the popular travel destinations or the pub/clubs of the city.
  • Inform your clients that you wish to take a day off – While you are on a business meeting, you need to be accessible at any point of time. However, if you inform the client that you wish to take the weekend off and visit the popular spots, they may never hinder your decisions.
  • Combine business and pleasure – You can add a couple of days to your convention or workshop, so that you can explore the city where the meeting is being held. It can help you meet new individuals or visit organizations that can help imbibe new business ideas. When you combine business and pleasure, you can even escape out from your tax deductions for the business activities.
  • Taking part in day trips – When you are on a short business tour, you can even opt for the day tours to explore the popular destinations of the particular city.
Local Business Marketing via SEO or PPC – Deciding on the Best Options for Your Business

Local Business Marketing via SEO or PPC – Deciding on the Best Options for Your Business

In today’s market, users and potential customers usually end up on a particular website or business via search engines instead of visiting directly to that particular website. Interestingly, according to a very research, more than 80 percent of the customers discover their most desired website or destination via search engines only. This research further proves that it is actually very important for one’s brand or business to ensure a very strong and prominent presence in search engines; this will make sure that his/her brand stays in a leading position of the targeted audience.

However, after all these, one has to make a very important decision; whether to use the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Pay Per Click (PPC). It is worthwhile to note that if both are fully capable of getting one’s brand or business on the leading or front page of a particular search engine for the targeted terms & also in leading position of the desired audience, if done correctly. The main difference lies in only the costs and benefits.

Therefore, in order to understand the effectiveness of both PPC and SEO and deciding on the best options for one’s business, it is important to quantify the effectiveness first.

Organic Results

SEOStudies and researches show that the organic results are usually more clicked on compared to the paid search results. A popular study says that the organic results are actually likely to be clicked more than 8 times comparatively. That is rather a larger disparity, which is more likely connected or attributed to the searchers gradually understanding the important difference between sponsored and organic results and at the same time recognizes or identify that the organic results are commonly a resource that is more respected. Additionally, the researchers have to take help of heat maps and they further showed that the searcher’s attention focuses on only the leading organic results and barely notice all the ads to right, which may be one of the reasons Google has removed right sidebar ads and instead included a 4th ad listing up top.

There are many contending factors when it comes to SEO.  Many companies prefer to not be aggressive with SEO, fearing search engine penalties or the Google boogie-man.  On the other side of the spectrum are company that devotes a large percentage of their marketing budget on SEO-only.  Likely the best option is to have a fair balance of the two. As one head of a leading bay area SEO firm put it, “You want visibility for your business, period.  Whether it’s organic, PPC, or a billboard over the highway, it’s all about visibility”.

Conversion Rates

The PPC enjoys an edge, a meager one though, in conversion rates as compared to the SEO. The Pay Per Click search results were found to be more than 1.5 times likely to transform or convert click to business as compared to the search engine optimization. A study further attributes to a fact that says that the PPC search results offer the advertiser the ability to optimize the landing page and the text.


Therefore, if the objective of the business is mainly to rank higher by having the great ads of the PPC or just organically; the obvious, logical and overwhelming choice is organic. Nonetheless, there are certain times as well when the PPC should be used; like when one’s company is in its launching phase. The PPC is actually a great way to get the name out and simultaneously build awareness for the brand. For some special event or an offer with a limited time period, PPC is undoubtedly an effective method that gets exposure, which SEO would not have time contributing. However, it is a known fact that it is actually a difficult task to rank number one in Google in just one day. Nevertheless, SEO in its truest sense takes time instead of those schemes that boast quick results.

This Week in Office Productivity Hacks – Whiteboards!

This Week in Office Productivity Hacks – Whiteboards!

All days are not the same in the office. Some days can be productive while others less productive due to boredom or circumstances surrounding us. This can greatly affect the business in a bad way. so how can we avoid this? By implementing office productivity hacks. These are activities that are done voluntarily to help boost production at moments when we know employees are likely to be less productive. One of the office hacks that have proved to be excellent in this task is having whiteboards everywhere. They are the best when it comes to converting idle minds into jotting down what goes in through them. Before you disregard them as unnecessary, let’s explore what they can do and their benefits.

Whiteboards – Not Just for Meeting Rooms Anymore

As their name suggests, these are white screens that can be wrote and wiped clean normally in form of walls that have been fitted with wallpaper that can be wiped easily, writable canvas embedded on a board or plywood painted white and can be written with a felt pen and dusted. They are normally used in discussion rooms, class rooms, meetings and other occasions that would require elaboration. Recently, it has gained its popularity due to their nature to keep employees engaged and active in the office.

What Whiteboards can be used for…

1. Surface to write on

Whiteboard Paint on office wall

Whiteboards can be painted directly on any wall in the office. Awesome!

An idea thought on is not acted on until it is put down. Having whiteboards in the office will boost employee creativity and help them communicate what is in their mind.

2. Triggers action

Having a blank white board before an employee triggers them to fill them with anything. Most of these will be stuff pertaining workplace and work.

3. Act as dividers

Movable whiteboards can be use to divide employees into small groups where they can discuss a project work plan together.

4. Cut on costs

Having whiteboards everywhere cannot be compared to having numerous clutters of waste papers scribbled on and thrown in the bins. An idea can be written on the whiteboard and if not viable, be rubbed off and be forgotten without minding about expensive stationary wasted.

5. Open communication

Laying every step of the process on the work at hand boost communication between employees and the management. Outlining important dates on the whiteboards also help employees plan themselves on what is expected of them and when. These builds trust among staff and get the information as pertaining them all and not just a top-down direction or report.

6. Effectiveness

Whiteboards are more effective than emails are they can be seen by everyone passing by. When placed strategically, none can fail to spot it; unlike emails that might just be received and never be opened.

Benefits of whiteboards

  • Whiteboards placed in every office or everywhere in an open office has tremendous benefits to the staff, office, business and employer in general. Some of them are:
  • Improved productivity- jogs the employees mind on what to experiment on the boards
  • Enhances unity- when on the board, other staff are tempted to contribute. This boost collaboration and team work.
  • Less expense – both initial cost and maintenance is very low compared to paper and computers
  • Can be used in every office work, be it presentation, discussion, strategic planning and others.

There you have it, a whole plethora of uses and ways to utilize whiteboards effectively in your business.  Have an idea for an office productivity hack? Share it! Send it to admin(at)readingroommanchester.com and it might make the next edition of our weekly column.  Thanks!

Is Having an Office Pet a Great Idea? Or More Millennial Nonsense?

Is Having an Office Pet a Great Idea? Or More Millennial Nonsense?

Have you at any point thought of the bad and goods of having pets n offices or workplace? Your employer might be allowing that but do you know what the influence it will have to other co-workers.  Here are some reasons that it might be a good idea, in addition to some reasons why it’s not such a great idea for every situation.  Read through the article and you will be in a better position to make a decision based on your particular office situation.

An Office Pet Can Be Motivating

Having pets in offices has reported to encourage employee’s collaboration with each other where they wouldn’t normally venture outside their customary ranges of familiarity. Sometimes it’ is easier to communicate to a co-worker if there is a pet around to break the ice.

Smaller organizations, particularly ones whose business spins around pets and animals, will probably have looser office policies about suitable conduct for its employees who come with pets to the office.

It Can Improve Confidence

Organizations that allow their employees to come to office with pets have open and creative working environments. It helps when the corporate culture puts an accentuation on its employee’s experience at work.

It Can be Therapeutic

Bulldog at workHaving a pet around in the office can be quite therapeutic.  Animals can provide great comfort in times of stress, they can help give a sense of relief when there is contention between co-workers, and they can also provide a break from the work day through playing, petting, and walking (in the case of a dog). Many people who deal with issues such as anxiety, depression and PTSD utilize service dogs as an official way to cope, and the same therapeutic effects can be felt for the whole office.

There is a concept called Bodytalk for Animals, which can also be done with humans, which helps establish communication within the body of a person or animal.  Animals have a sense for when things are not right, and they can help re-establish a balance to the environment in ways that humans cannot.

It boosts the growth of talent

The need to bring pets to offices is a developing pattern among millennial employees. If they are allowed to come with their pets to the office, for instance, the dog, they save money on doggy care expenses and they will probably be focused, and ready to work until late since they’re not hurrying home to give their pets a chance to out.

Why an Office Pet might not be a Great Idea

Having pets in offices might not be a great idea sometime. Here is why you ought not to bring your bring the dog with you to offices or workplaces

  • Some people have allergies or fear to some pets
    • The presence of pets like dogs could justifiably cause fear to somebody’s well-being and sense of safety.
    • Some people are allergic to some pets particularly their fur/dander and in presence of those pets their comfortable working environment will be altered
  • Some pets might distractive and curb the general productivity
    • Not all pets are suitable in a working and busy environment. Some pets are distractive and this implies that they will require maximum supervision and care. The breaks and time spent to supervise or monitor this kind of pets can be a waste.so in presence of such pets can be a counter to general productivity of an employee
  • When the office or workplace is not suitable for the pet
    • Some offices are not suitable for pets. For example, some offices are noisy or too risky and can be disturbing to pets not to mention risk to pets and potential injuries
    • The owner of the premise (landlord) might not be allowing pets

There might be no issue with the pets in offices but what about the perspective of the owner of the premise; he or she might not be allowing pets for one or more reasons. Some pets tend to cause damages if not trained to have good manners. For example, dogs can scratch the wall or floor tile causing unnecessary damage and this might not seem good for the owner of the premise.

Digital Marketing – A Must Today

Digital Marketing – A Must Today

For businesses of all size, digital marketing has become a must today. This is because this strategy is the most effective in terms of delivering concrete results and establishing brand presence. It also doesn’t hurt that digital marketing has the best return on investment.

There are actually multiple benefits to launching your own digital marketing campaign. This article presents a couple of them.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

  • Increased Web Visibility – This probably one of the most obvious results of launching a digital marketing campaign. If done correctly, customers will be able to find their way to you without any trouble. Keep in mind that the more people visit your site, the more transactions you will be able to make.
  • Effective Business Driver – Aside from increasing web transactions, digital marketing can also drive customer traffic back to your actual physical store. This is because customers looking for nearby businesses online have a 72% chance of actually visiting the stores they have found.

These benefits are just the tip of the iceberg. There are countless benefits to be had by launching an effective digital marketing campaign and that is what makes it a necessity for businesses today.

What Is Digital Marketing and
Why It Matters

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