Digital marketing provides a variety of channels through which businesses can attract customers. However, there are a number of challenges businesses face. Here are 3 of the common problems faced in digital marketing and how they can be solved.

Low Local Website Traffic

Attracting local web traffic is a rather common problem. A site can be read and shared in areas outside the location of operation. Traffic from outside a business service area is not a bad thing. However, a larger percentage of revenue-generating local traffic is more desirable. Many businesses struggle with being visible in local searches.

To improve our business visibility in local searches, you need to adopt local SEO strategies. These added to normal SEO strategies such optimizing website performance; responsiveness and the like should be adopted. Make sure your information on the web, including Google My Business, is accurate and consistent. In addition, adding photos, managing and responding to customer reviews, careful selection of key words and video marketing are also some of the strategies you could try. Most people need help with this. If you need help in California, a San Francisco SEO company can provide local search services to help you improve your ranking.

Low Conversion and High Bounce Rate

Conversion rate refers to the percentage of people who visit a website and actually buy what is being sold. This is a challenge because many users tend to browse the website and leave without taking any further action. Others go no further than the landing page. The business desire, however, is that the traffic to their website translates into a greater number of clients and increased revenue.

Businesses struggling with the conversion and bounce rate have several things to try. First, the website must be properly designed and well developed for usability and great user experience. The loading speed must be good because if a user has to wait long for your pages to load, they will likely move on to another site. Further, a website, app, or any other form of digital marketing should provide clear calls to action. For websites visible and easy-to-use shopping carts, requiring the least amount of information and action possible from the user, and providing several payment options are necessary strategies to adopt. Even if the purchase is not carried out online, your website needs to encourage the user to explore further and contact you.

To counter high bounce rate on your website, your ads must always present what you are offering on your site clearly. An in-depth analysis of the loading speed, traffic types and web pages will help you determine what is causing the problem and guide you on the best remedy to use. If your site is slow, you must speed it up.

Measuring Return On Investments

Businesses want to see their investments bear fruit and the same applies to digital marketing investments. The measurement of returns also helps determine the effectiveness of the digital marketing efforts so that decisions to continue or drop them can be made. Though the direct impacts of content marketing and social media on sales are hard to determine, measuring the returns of digital marketing is relatively easy through a number of tools available. Traffic, conversion rates can be measured with tools such as google analytics. A digital marketing firm can also help you with the analysis and provide other services too.

There are many digital marketing firms available to provide the help needed. Therefore businesses have no reason not to enjoy the benefits of digital marketing even if they don’t have the know-how or time.