Ergonomic is about fitting task and equipment to user. Ergonomic equipment is designed for work and environment in such a way as to improve health, safety and comfort.

There should be comfortable equipment in workplaces so that employees can work efficiently without hampering their health. Proper ergonomics in the office can increase worker productivity and efficiency.

Some of the ergonomic equipment for workplaces are chairs, keyboard trays, monitors, monitor arms, foot rests etc.


A good chair gives you comfortable back support where you can work efficiently and have a parallel vision to your monitorscreen. People spend most of the time in the office, so a good chair is very important to not to let feel the work strenuous. It also gives a correct posture while working.

Keyboard trays

ergonomic desk setupThe keyboard trays helps the elbows and wrists to be in a equal position when a person is typing. This prevents numbness and wrist pain. It also prevents shoulder strain, as we tend to bend a bit while typing.

Ergonomic Mouse

The next thing you should concern yourself with is the computer mouse.  Originally designed without any comfort in mind, the new “vertical” designs of the high quality ergonomic mouse are much better at relieving pressure off the forearm and wrist.

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The monitor should be at eye level or slightly below, at a comfortable angle from the monitor itself and other sources of bright light. The rays which come from the screen gives strain to the eyes, so the monitor should be at a distance where it does not hamper the eyes.

Monitor arms

Using a proper monitor arm provides space saving benefits that can increase the productivity and efficiency of users, especially those employees who works in smaller workplaces. The screens could be adjusted according to the vision.

Foot rest

Sitting on a chair without proper support can cause a poor circulation, back discomfort and overall fatigue. A foot rest can help adopt the correct posture and thereby ensure good thigh circulation. It also helps to prevent blood clots related to deep veins and relives pressure which happens on the lower back, decreases swelling and varicose veins. It also encourage active sitting and work well with and adjustable desk.

Best Principles

The basic principles which a writer or office worker needs to follow while writing is that there should be proper alignment of posture. A proper chair, the writing posture, typing hands, etc. There is not much difference for a writer and an employee in workplace. Both needs to write and should have a comfortable environment around. As discussed above there should be proper back support, proper resting chair. All of these helps to increase the zeal to write properly. An uncomfortable environment and equipment brings frustration in a person. It causes health issue, eye sight problem. A writer should have a pencil grip if he is writing on a paper, it brings a flow and also improves the writing.

To summarize the article, ergonomic is a science of designing a working environment more comfortable, so that people can concentrate in their jobs. It reduces the health issue and increases the productivity of a worker, which in turns help the organisation to grow. An improper environment prevents the workflow which also increases the tension, frustration and discomfort among the people in the workplace.