Small businesses, corporations, NGOs, government agencies, and individuals have realized the need for having a company or personal website. The demand for web design services is also matched by the number web designers selling their services on- and offline. It is, therefore, necessary for web design companies to market their services and adopt strategies to increase their clientele. Below are some tips on increasing your client numbers.

Make Your Offerings Unique

The first step in any advertising or sales strategy is to understand what you are selling, but you also need to have something unique and useful to offer. Because web design tools and CMS platforms have made building websites so easy that companies and individuals can make simple websites on their own without lengthy training; you need to add something more for them to hire you. Services such as web hosting, website maintenance, content creation, digital marketing, and SEO are likely services that you can bundle with your web design service. You could also make your business unique in your target market, the quality of service you provide, and your prices. Once you are clear on this, you need to sell your offerings aggressively.

Sharpen Your Sales Techniques

Sales activities are an essential part of any business and therefore to be able to grow your clientele, you need to learn how to score with potential clients. If necessary, dig into the wide variety of resources such as books, videos and online courses aimed at sharpening sales skills. Aside from pushing your marketing message out there and developing a sweet tongue, you need to perfect the inside of your business. This means making your own business website better because if your website is poorly designed then it will be difficult to convince others that you offer the best web design service. You also need proper management of customer relationships and the provision of the best service possible so that referrals can bring more business your way.

Build Lasting Relationships

Some of the strategies mentioned above such as bundling services and managing customer relationships can help you increase the number of recurring customers. For instance, you can design websites for clients and provide hosting and maintenance services as well. Make it such that a client gains more benefit by using a couple of your services continually instead of one-time web design only. You should also try to adopt a customized approach to every client as you find ways to meet their specific web design needs.

Pick Your Clients

Of course, this would not make sense for a startup because you need money. However, as you learn the ropes of the business, become established, and attract more business, it is better to cut ties with clients from hell who do more damage than benefit your business. This doesn’t mean you should ditch all difficult clients; just the ones that you absolutely can’t work with despite your best efforts.

Market Your Business

Strategies such as creating a great online portfolio that showcases your web design prowess and versatility, working social media, and guerilla marketing can help you promote your services. Others worth adopting include blogging on your own site or as a guest blogger and doing Pro Bono work in support of a good cause. You should also network and try to build partnerships with PR firms and developers.

You will need to adapt at least several of these or other strategies, monitor results, and review strategies regularly to increase chances of growth.