Over a period while running a web based or e-commerce business, it becomes absolutely mandatory to redesign the website. This might be for many reasons like shift in user persona, shifts in viewers’ platforms, arrival of new technology, mergers and what not! The very mention of a website redesign gives you nightmares! You get the vision of the next few months, schedule packed with site-redesign planning, proposals, changes in design and other utterly time grossing things.

Marketing department who need the site for their existence takes on a hard blow. They need to shift their focus from the business goals for a quarter and focus only on design issues and onsite requirements. Marketing team off focus for such long time? Just cannot happen!

This is where Growth Driven Design (GDD) flies in with the red cape to save the day!

The Genius of GDD

GDD is an ingenious fusion or let’s just say a marriage between site designing and marketing! It is a smarter approach towards website redesigning by minimizing the obvious headaches of traditional redesigning process as it shortens the time of processing a new one and launch it by focusing on the impacts on the website user behaviour and keeps improving user experience as a part of continues learning. Here is where you learn the impact of growth driven design on e-commerce and web-based businesses.

Impact of Growth Driven Design on E-Commerce

Conversion rate optimizationIf “change is the only constant” can be applied to anything online, it is e-commerce. The target audience grow and change frequently and the website needs to be consistently fresh with relevant and educational content that immaculate to the visitor.

One needs to make sure that their planning towards an e-commerce website is S.M.A.R.T viz, Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time bound. You then must develop customer or buyer personas which will help you classify your visitors, their behaviour and preferences.

The goal is to understand the customer’s preference and displaying engrossing content accordingly. With regular customer feedback pouring in and tracking your progress, you will know who your customers are, what do they want and where you stand in terms of providing them right user interface for the perfect experience. Building a strong relationship with this statistic and share them where the info is accessible for everyone. With such information at hand, one can optimize their e-commerce website to suit the wants of the visitors.

Impact on Web-Based Businesses

One striking impact if growth driven design on web-based businesses and online service providers is the increase of traffic on the website and increased visibility of the business. One needs to optimize the website well enough with Search Engine Optimization strategies. The organic search traffic is bound to go up after applying growth driven website design. There lies a clear correlation between the SEO strategy and growth driven design for the increase in traffic in a website. Same as e-commerce, the digital marketers need to develop a customer persona database classifying the types of visitors and what they want to see. GDD installed sites use hyper user focused which is exactly google wants from you! One needs to understand that more traffic means more data to analyse and more optimization of the website.