Have you at any point thought of the bad and goods of having pets n offices or workplace? Your employer might be allowing that but do you know what the influence it will have to other co-workers.  Here are some reasons that it might be a good idea, in addition to some reasons why it’s not such a great idea for every situation.  Read through the article and you will be in a better position to make a decision based on your particular office situation.

An Office Pet Can Be Motivating

Having pets in offices has reported to encourage employee’s collaboration with each other where they wouldn’t normally venture outside their customary ranges of familiarity. Sometimes it’ is easier to communicate to a co-worker if there is a pet around to break the ice.

Smaller organizations, particularly ones whose business spins around pets and animals, will probably have looser office policies about suitable conduct for its employees who come with pets to the office.

It Can Improve Confidence

Organizations that allow their employees to come to office with pets have open and creative working environments. It helps when the corporate culture puts an accentuation on its employee’s experience at work.

It Can be Therapeutic

Bulldog at workHaving a pet around in the office can be quite therapeutic.  Animals can provide great comfort in times of stress, they can help give a sense of relief when there is contention between co-workers, and they can also provide a break from the work day through playing, petting, and walking (in the case of a dog). Many people who deal with issues such as anxiety, depression and PTSD utilize service dogs as an official way to cope, and the same therapeutic effects can be felt for the whole office.

There is a concept called Bodytalk for Animals, which can also be done with humans, which helps establish communication within the body of a person or animal.  Animals have a sense for when things are not right, and they can help re-establish a balance to the environment in ways that humans cannot.

It boosts the growth of talent

The need to bring pets to offices is a developing pattern among millennial employees. If they are allowed to come with their pets to the office, for instance, the dog, they save money on doggy care expenses and they will probably be focused, and ready to work until late since they’re not hurrying home to give their pets a chance to out.

Why an Office Pet might not be a Great Idea

Having pets in offices might not be a great idea sometime. Here is why you ought not to bring your bring the dog with you to offices or workplaces

  • Some people have allergies or fear to some pets
    • The presence of pets like dogs could justifiably cause fear to somebody’s well-being and sense of safety.
    • Some people are allergic to some pets particularly their fur/dander and in presence of those pets their comfortable working environment will be altered
  • Some pets might distractive and curb the general productivity
    • Not all pets are suitable in a working and busy environment. Some pets are distractive and this implies that they will require maximum supervision and care. The breaks and time spent to supervise or monitor this kind of pets can be a waste.so in presence of such pets can be a counter to general productivity of an employee
  • When the office or workplace is not suitable for the pet
    • Some offices are not suitable for pets. For example, some offices are noisy or too risky and can be disturbing to pets not to mention risk to pets and potential injuries
    • The owner of the premise (landlord) might not be allowing pets

There might be no issue with the pets in offices but what about the perspective of the owner of the premise; he or she might not be allowing pets for one or more reasons. Some pets tend to cause damages if not trained to have good manners. For example, dogs can scratch the wall or floor tile causing unnecessary damage and this might not seem good for the owner of the premise.