In today’s market, users and potential customers usually end up on a particular website or business via search engines instead of visiting directly to that particular website. Interestingly, according to a very research, more than 80 percent of the customers discover their most desired website or destination via search engines only. This research further proves that it is actually very important for one’s brand or business to ensure a very strong and prominent presence in search engines; this will make sure that his/her brand stays in a leading position of the targeted audience.

However, after all these, one has to make a very important decision; whether to use the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Pay Per Click (PPC). It is worthwhile to note that if both are fully capable of getting one’s brand or business on the leading or front page of a particular search engine for the targeted terms & also in leading position of the desired audience, if done correctly. The main difference lies in only the costs and benefits.

Therefore, in order to understand the effectiveness of both PPC and SEO and deciding on the best options for one’s business, it is important to quantify the effectiveness first.

Organic Results

SEOStudies and researches show that the organic results are usually more clicked on compared to the paid search results. A popular study says that the organic results are actually likely to be clicked more than 8 times comparatively. That is rather a larger disparity, which is more likely connected or attributed to the searchers gradually understanding the important difference between sponsored and organic results and at the same time recognizes or identify that the organic results are commonly a resource that is more respected. Additionally, the researchers have to take help of heat maps and they further showed that the searcher’s attention focuses on only the leading organic results and barely notice all the ads to right, which may be one of the reasons Google has removed right sidebar ads and instead included a 4th ad listing up top.

There are many contending factors when it comes to SEO.  Many companies prefer to not be aggressive with SEO, fearing search engine penalties or the Google boogie-man.  On the other side of the spectrum are company that devotes a large percentage of their marketing budget on SEO-only.  Likely the best option is to have a fair balance of the two. As one head of a leading bay area SEO firm put it, “You want visibility for your business, period.  Whether it’s organic, PPC, or a billboard over the highway, it’s all about visibility”.

Conversion Rates

The PPC enjoys an edge, a meager one though, in conversion rates as compared to the SEO. The Pay Per Click search results were found to be more than 1.5 times likely to transform or convert click to business as compared to the search engine optimization. A study further attributes to a fact that says that the PPC search results offer the advertiser the ability to optimize the landing page and the text.


Therefore, if the objective of the business is mainly to rank higher by having the great ads of the PPC or just organically; the obvious, logical and overwhelming choice is organic. Nonetheless, there are certain times as well when the PPC should be used; like when one’s company is in its launching phase. The PPC is actually a great way to get the name out and simultaneously build awareness for the brand. For some special event or an offer with a limited time period, PPC is undoubtedly an effective method that gets exposure, which SEO would not have time contributing. However, it is a known fact that it is actually a difficult task to rank number one in Google in just one day. Nevertheless, SEO in its truest sense takes time instead of those schemes that boast quick results.