The jury is still out on whether a cluttered office space brings out the creativity in creative people or hampers performance. A few studies seem to suggest that a little clutter is good for creativity while many others posit that physical clutter has negative impacts on focusing abilities of individuals. One thing is for sure though; you can move around more freely and find things faster in a well-organized office especially if it is small. Some of the things you can do to declutter your office include clearing pathways and desktops, organizing desks and drawers with trays and caddies, getting some things off your desk and where necessary, adding some storage space. One of the ways to organize your office is to install a bookshelf.

Save Space

Bookshelves are effective space savers in small offices. They are useful for decluttering your desk as they provide alternative storage for the pile of books on your desk. You can also place other documents on the bookshelf as there’s no limit to what you can place on it. The important thing is to arrange them well.

Stylish and Easy to Install

A major advantage of bookshelves is that they come in different stylish designs. The built-in bookshelf, which is built into your office wall, provides a steady surface to store books without taking up much space. If you don’t want a simple bookshelf, you can opt for a more elaborately designed built-in bookcase. Bookshelves and bookcases are also relatively easy to install. Though the built-in ones require the help of a carpenter to install; recommends doing it yourself after gaining the installation know-how. This way you can save on the installation costs.

Different Styles to Blend with Your Office Decor

Depending on the space available, the office layout, and the d’cor in the office, you can select any bookshelf that fits your office and style. You can opt for simple bookshelves or bookcases that have doors. You also have various options in the type of material used. Wood is the most common material used on bookshelves especially the built-in types. Other materials commonly used for standalone bookcases include metal, laminate, and glass. The different designs available include the standard shelf, cube shelf, modular, leaning, and barrister bookcases. If you have a corner that’s not used, you can install a corner bookshelf o get additional storage space for your books. Other contemporary designs are also available, and if none of the ready-made bookshelves meet your specific style requirements, you can have one custom-made by a talented carpenter.

A bookshelf serves as more than just a storage space for your books. Aside from saving space and helping you organize your office; your bookshelf can be invaluable in decorating your office. You can accessorize it whichever way you want. Items such as figurines, vases, bowls, plants and other decorative pieces can be strategically placed on it. A bookshelf can also be a good place to keep photos close without filling up your desk. This way you can still keep them visible while creating some white space on your desk if it is too small to accommodate pictures. The key in decorating and organizing with a bookshelf however, is to keep it well organized so that you can easily find things and keep the office looking clean.