When it comes to marketing in the world of business, Google AdWords is known to be the most widely used PPC (Pay per click) network, which has also been in the game for well over 10 years now .The secret behind this, that has made people settle down with Google AdWords instead of even making an attempt to try out the number of other PPC networks which are currently available are factors such as, Google AdWords having a large number of sites on their Google Display Network (GDN) as well having a huge amount of searches which makes it stand above of everything else.

Well Google AdWords is an Amazing platform when it comes to advertising and has plenty of opportunities within it for us to improve our businesses, but probably due to its popularity with the wide use many of us very often forget to ask the ourselves the key question as to “Is Google AdWords the most suited platform to promote OUR business?”. If you haven’t really thought about it ever here’s a few reasons as to why you might want to consider thinking about it.

Reasons to Avoid Adwords

The High Cost: – With the rapid increase of use and the increasing competition day by day the cost of advertising using google AdWords has started to increase more and more. Considering this if you actually reflect back and see you might find that you are not getting the maximum possible amount of output for the value you are spending. If so it would certainly be advisable to explore other platforms other than Google AdWords which might work for you better.

Not getting enough traffic: – If you are new to this, then it is pretty natural for you to not get enough traffic for a number of reasons such as not using the right keywords, not organizing your keywords in a good way and focusing only on positive keywords etc. as you won’t be having a big experience of using google AdWords.

Traffic not being converted: – This is a problem that most of the users face very often no matter how experienced you might be in using Google AdWords. Even though traffic and clicks are received it might not be converted as much as we would like it to be.

Due to many reasons as the ones stated above we have narrowed and listed down 10 other advertising platforms just as Google AdWords but which may work better for you leading you towards a better harvest. By reading this article you will be able to get a comprehensive idea about the other platforms which are available for you to get bet a better experience.

The Best Non-Adwords Platforms for Business Leads


What else would come up to our minds when speaking of social media other than of course the king of social media itself; Facebook which claims to have about 1.86 billion active users as of March 2017.If you intend to target customers who spend a considerable amount of time using social media, Facebook will definitely be a great platform for you to go with.

Bing Ads

Just as Google has Google AdWords, Bing Ads is by Microsoft which is not very commonly used when compared with Google AdWords, Facebook etc. but is certainly a great platform worth to give a try to promote your product.


Adroll is yet another great advertising platform also being one of the leading top third party tools and accepted by Facebook in order to provide access to FBX.


AdBlade is a premium platform in advertising which is consisting of about 200 Million users worldwide.

Yahoo Gemini

Yahoo Gemini is not very common but uses a range of different advertisement types targeting users across platforms. Yahoo Gemini is ideal if you are looking to promote a certain brand or a mobile application etc.

The Bacon

The Bacon is a new platform targeted towards home services and skilled workers that are looking to get more business.  It’s a useful service for homeowners who are looking for specific services, like carpentry, appliance repair or electricians.


Twitter is yet another strong platform by which you can reach out to billions of users all over. Just as Facebook you can attract customers towards you in a number of different ways such as using highly promoted tweets etc.


If you are an online businessman you can use amazon to attract customers towards your products by using sponsored shopping advertisements.

As you can see there are a number of alternatives for Google AdWords in which each of those alternatives to have key features unique for them. By attracting a larger audience towards your products, you can increase your income and find your way towards a better revenue and much successful life.