The past decade has seen the world of business receive a complete makeover. Like most other things in the world (these include studying, socializing, playing etc.) businesses have also turned online. The scenario has particularly changed for small and medium-sized businesses. The majority of these businesses have prominent online presence in form of social media pages, blogs, forums, and websites and those are the places where they meet their clients. Does that mean that the time of offline business or non-internet business has come to an end? The answer is “No”. There are certain businesses that can still do well without online presence. Read on to know about them.

Real Estate

Home Sold SignSuppose, a person plans to buy a real estate property; this mostly happens when the person looking to buy the property wants to invest a hefty sum of money. This calls for serious inspection before actually finalizing a deal. Of course, all top realtors are represented by eye-catching, content-rich websites, but those sites only assist them in attracting customers towards their offerings and informing people about the reputation they enjoy. The main part of their business still runs offline. Once a client shortlists the property he or she find most lucrative, you will need to arrange site visits. On the date of the visit, you will have to accompany the person and allow him or to inspect the property meticulously. All these cannot be done online. So, if you run a non-internet real estate business, you will not lose much for not having any online presence.

Getting Capital Together

One of the game changers of the Internet boom was the removal of gatekeepers and barriers of entry to many markets.  Albeit, there still requires significant investment for many endeavors, but with domain names costing less than 10 bucks and hosting coming in at 5 dollars a month in some places, having some creativity and initiative can get someone started for very little money.

This isn’t the case, necessarily, with offline, brick-and-mortar businesses.  Because you likely need to pay rent or buy inventory before you can begin business, you need a large amount of capital upfront.  You can handle his with financing, of course, but this requires a good credit rating (by the way, read this guy on how to boost your credit score by, it helped the owner of this business when we faced similar issues).

Offline Advertising and Marketing

The only thing you will need to do for making the business successful is coming up with marketing plans that can be executed without the Internet. That job is not that difficult as we already know how to market a business without the Internet. Internet marketing is a thing that has touched out lives only a couple of decades back; before that we used to rely only on methods like television advertisement, ads published on magazines, banners, leaflets, billboards etc. Obviously, you should pick the option that would match your budget. These methods are still extremely effective; as a result, a large number of businesses with online presence still use these traditional methods of marketing. You should actually do pretty well even if you just stick to these methods.

Auto Dealerships – Still Old School, for Now…

Another business that would achieve great success without any online presence is that of an automobile dealership. You might be looking to buy a new car or have a budget big enough only for purchasing a used car; one step that must be a part of the process is a thorough inspection and that can never be done online. In fact, inspection is the most important step of the car buying process. The things that potential car buyers can do online, for instance, comparing colors, checking the interior and exterior design of the shortlisted vehicles (zooming in and out), gathering knowledge about specifications of the cars, etc. can also be done offline.