All days are not the same in the office. Some days can be productive while others less productive due to boredom or circumstances surrounding us. This can greatly affect the business in a bad way. so how can we avoid this? By implementing office productivity hacks. These are activities that are done voluntarily to help boost production at moments when we know employees are likely to be less productive. One of the office hacks that have proved to be excellent in this task is having whiteboards everywhere. They are the best when it comes to converting idle minds into jotting down what goes in through them. Before you disregard them as unnecessary, let’s explore what they can do and their benefits.

Whiteboards – Not Just for Meeting Rooms Anymore

As their name suggests, these are white screens that can be wrote and wiped clean normally in form of walls that have been fitted with wallpaper that can be wiped easily, writable canvas embedded on a board or plywood painted white and can be written with a felt pen and dusted. They are normally used in discussion rooms, class rooms, meetings and other occasions that would require elaboration. Recently, it has gained its popularity due to their nature to keep employees engaged and active in the office.

What Whiteboards can be used for…

1. Surface to write on

Whiteboard Paint on office wall

Whiteboards can be painted directly on any wall in the office. Awesome!

An idea thought on is not acted on until it is put down. Having whiteboards in the office will boost employee creativity and help them communicate what is in their mind.

2. Triggers action

Having a blank white board before an employee triggers them to fill them with anything. Most of these will be stuff pertaining workplace and work.

3. Act as dividers

Movable whiteboards can be use to divide employees into small groups where they can discuss a project work plan together.

4. Cut on costs

Having whiteboards everywhere cannot be compared to having numerous clutters of waste papers scribbled on and thrown in the bins. An idea can be written on the whiteboard and if not viable, be rubbed off and be forgotten without minding about expensive stationary wasted.

5. Open communication

Laying every step of the process on the work at hand boost communication between employees and the management. Outlining important dates on the whiteboards also help employees plan themselves on what is expected of them and when. These builds trust among staff and get the information as pertaining them all and not just a top-down direction or report.

6. Effectiveness

Whiteboards are more effective than emails are they can be seen by everyone passing by. When placed strategically, none can fail to spot it; unlike emails that might just be received and never be opened.

Benefits of whiteboards

  • Whiteboards placed in every office or everywhere in an open office has tremendous benefits to the staff, office, business and employer in general. Some of them are:
  • Improved productivity- jogs the employees mind on what to experiment on the boards
  • Enhances unity- when on the board, other staff are tempted to contribute. This boost collaboration and team work.
  • Less expense – both initial cost and maintenance is very low compared to paper and computers
  • Can be used in every office work, be it presentation, discussion, strategic planning and others.

There you have it, a whole plethora of uses and ways to utilize whiteboards effectively in your business.  Have an idea for an office productivity hack? Share it! Send it to admin(at) and it might make the next edition of our weekly column.  Thanks!