How to find new clients is a question that leaves many business managers scratching their heads. Every bookkeeping business or freelancer needs to find a steady enough stream of customers in order to stay afloat. If you are running a bookkeeping business, you like any other type of business need to find ways of letting potential customers know about your existence and what you can do for them. Find tips below on what you can do to keep customers coming in.

Know Your Market

For you to effectively convince potential clients to hire you, you need to be able to understand, at least roughly, what they do so that you can explain to them why they need you. The accounting needs of a daycare center will be different from those of a sales store or an engineering firm. You, therefore, need to demonstrate an understanding of the specific bookkeeping needs and challenges. Understanding the firm you are selling your service to can make you unique from the rest that assume all businesses have the same needs.

Create a Strategy

In order to effectively market your services, you should come up with an appropriate marketing plan based on your unique selling point, strengths and weaknesses. You need to carry out a SWOT analysis of your business and identify potential clients. Many similar businesses find clients among very small start-ups with few employees or established small and medium-sized businesses with a larger number of employees. You can also find bookkeeping/accounting clients in non-employer firms who seek help with tax returns and bookkeeping with Quickbooks.
In creating your strategy, you should set goals and deadlines realistically and schedule the actions required to reach these aims. You should also determine the specific and most profitable services you will market. For instance, if in your market research, you find that MYOB expert bookkeepers are in demand and you can meet their needs, you can market yourself as such. By doing so, when potential clients require a MYOB Mosman, they can reach you. If your MYOB bookkeeping/accounting activities are bringing you the most revenue, that is one of the services you should focus on selling in your marketing strategies.

Mix Up Different Marketing Tools and Strategies

There is a wide variety of marketing tools you can use to advertise your bookkeeping services. Word-of-mouth is touted to be a reliable strategy and the number one marketing strategy for businesses; bookkeeping ones included. For established bookkeepers, word or mouth/referrals from satisfied existing customers is an ever-running engine that sends new clients your way. Effective as it may be, you need to mix it up with other tools and strategies. Make use of social media, and other digital marketing strategies such as building an optimized website, email marketing, content marketing, and traditional channels such as TV, print, and Radio.

Combine these and other strategies such as giving back to the community by helping improve lives, and regularly reviewing your marketing strategy. You should also measure the results of your marketing efforts; a task that can be more easily accomplished through digital marketing. If there are ineffective strategies that are bringing in no results, find ways of making them more effective or abandon them all together. You should also always give your best to your existing customers and don’t give up marketing even when you seem to be doing well.